Posted on Apr 26, 2018

Cliffs of Moher Irish Pub

Have you ever wondered where our name comes from? The Cliffs of Moher Irish Pub gets its name from what the Irish consider one of the “seven Irish wonders.” The cliffs are naturally made by sediment that has built up for over 320 million years and stand 702 feet tall! The Cliffs of Moher get their name from a ruined promontory fort, “Mothar,” which in old Gaelic means ruin of a fort. The promontory fort, used as a lookout tower, was built on a small section of land, utilizing the elevation to reduce the amount of fortification needed. The Cliffs of Moher Irish Pub is owned and run by Irish natives who combine their Irish culture and years of Irish pub business experience to bring a real piece of Ireland to Bowling Green. The concept of the country village Irish Pub that the Cliffs of Moher Irish Pub in Bowling Green is modeled after comes from the owners’ upbringing in their native country of Ireland. In Ireland, the traditional Irish country pub was surrounded by people in the agricultural industry who would spend many hours working their land alone during the day and went to the pub at night. The local country pub was a meeting point, where people could congregate and socialize, causing it to become a big part of their way of life. So, stop by the Cliffs of Moher Irish Pub in Bowling Green and say hello to the Irish owners, and experience a piece of true Irish culture right on your doorstep on the square in downtown Bowling Green.
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